Cyberpunk puzzler Bit Rat: Singularity confirms the internet is a series of tubes

Bit Rat: Singularity

Here’s a little morsel for the puzzle-fiends among you to chew on. Bit Rat: Singularity is a standalone ‘teaser’ for a larger planned cyberpunk story by new studio Bucket Drum Games, but a full-featured and remarkably clever little game in its own right. An AI (you) has gained sentience in the basement of a large corporate tower, and begins testing its reach, extending paths to spread itself through the tower. Naturally, hacking and corporate intrigue abounds.

In mechanical terms, Bit Rat: Singularity initially looks like a simple block-rotating game in the vein of Pipe Dream, but there’s a surprising amount of depth to the game thanks to a variety of carefully considered and interlocking gameplay systems. Take a look at the game in action in the trailer after the jump.


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