Opinion: Why Rick and Morty Must Tackle Sexual Harassment

The greatest strength of science fiction storytelling is the way it can shine an important light back on real world problems we’re facing. The Twilight Zone and Star Trek remain undeniable classics of the genre not just because of the plot twists and different worlds they brought us to, but because of what they had to say about our world. In the same way, Rick and Morty, a modern classic of sci-fi television, is uniquely positioned to say something about one of the most systemic problems in our culture today — sexual harassment.

One of Rick and Morty’s greatest strengths is its unflinching willingness to explore the darkness of its characters. The show has never shied away from heavy themes, including alcoholism, suicide and pedophilia, so sexual harassment is certainly not off the table as a viable topic of discussion, especially considering co-creator Dan Harmon’s recent admission on his podcast that he sexually harassed one of his previous writers, Megan Ganz, with whom he worked on Community.

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