What We Want From the New Fable

It’s been nearly a decade since the last core Fable game, but the recent reports of Playground Games working on a new installment in the series have us dreaming of heading back to Albion. But what exactly do we want from a Fable game developed by the studio that delivers consistently great Forza Horizon games?

We gathered IGN’s resident Fable fanatics, as well as one special (that’s an understatement) guest to talk about what they want from the next Fable game.

I don’t want Fable 4 because they’ve moved too far forward in the timeline for my liking. Plus, Playground deserves a fresh crack at the universe without any narrative baggage from Lionhead’s trilogy. Thus, I’m hoping for a reboot. Call if “Fable” and let’s start back at Fable 1 times and tell an all-new story in that era. It’s got to have a dog, though; that was the single biggest reason (of several) why I believe Fable 2 is the best in the series. Offer different breeds, as Fable 3 did (Boxers FTW!). Good and evil is a key pillar that must not be forgotten; I should be able to play as evil as I desire and have the people of Albion respond to me accordingly. And for the love of all things holy, don’t shoehorn any multiplayer into this. Keep a laser-focus on making an incredible single-player action-adventure-RPG…though I would be totally OK with co-op. — Ryan McCaffrey, Executive Editor

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