Ubisoft Club Debuts AI Gaming Assistant to Help You With Your Games

Ubisoft has introduced Sam, a personal AI gaming assistant, which helps players as a new addition to the Ubisoft Club app.

Ubisoft is encouraging players to more regularly engage with their Ubisoft Club account by conversing with a chatty new AI — Sam, the Ubisoft personal gaming assistant. Sam is available in closed beta starting today in Canada as a new aspect of the Ubisoft Club mobile app on iOS and Android. Ubisoft has plans to roll the app out to more territories in the future.

Using both in-app text chat, as well as voice-to-text options, players can interact with Sam, who tracks progression in all games linked to a player’s account across all platforms. Sam can be used to check in-game stats (say, discovering your in-game K:D ratio on a map in Rainbow Six: Siege or finding out how much of Egypt you’ve explored in Assassin’s Creed Origins) with a simple question. But Sam truly aims to be an “assistant” and not just a stat tracker, as shown to IGN in a pre-release demo.

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