Destiny 2’s New Iron Banner Weapons And Gear Revealed

Destiny 2‘s Iron Banner tournament is coming back, and it’ll arrive with new weapons and Ornaments for you to collect. And you won’t have long to wait: it starts next Tuesday, January 30 and runs through February 6.

This is the first Iron Banner of Destiny 2’s second season of content, and it features Control as its game type. It comes with a whole bunch of new rewards, as well. Several more weapons and items have been added to the possible drops from Lord Saladin’s Engrams, including a cool-looking hand cannon, scout rifle, shotgun, Sparrow, Ghost, and ship. You can see all of them, except the ship, in the gallery below.

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If you still have past Iron Banner gear to collect, first-season items can still drop from Engrams. In addition, Bungie has added a way for players to directly buy Iron Banner gear, rather than relying on Engram drops. You can now purchase armor and three weapons from Lord Saladin during each event. Finally, if you complete Lord Saladin’s challenges, you can earn Ornaments for Iron Banner gear.

In other news, Bungie also revealed more changes in the works for Destiny 2’s Raid rewards and Masterwork items. It’s also Faction Rally’s victory week right now, and you can grab an awesome New Monarchy weapon.

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