How To Get Your Monster Hunter World Pre-Order, Beta, And Deluxe Edition Bonuses

Monster Hunter World is now available worldwide on PS4 and Xbox One, and alongside it, Capcom has released an important day-one patch for the game. Not only will you need to install the update if you’d like to play online with other players, it’s required in order to receive any of Monster Hunter World’s downloadable content, including the bonus items Capcom offered with pre-orders.

After installing the day-one patch, which weighs in at approximately 815 MB, you’ll be able to claim rewards from the Housekeeper in your room in Astera. If you pre-ordered the title digitally, you’ll have to download your bonus items (the Origin set and Fair Wind Charm) from the PlayStation or Xbox Stores. Once the items have been downloaded, launch Monster Hunter World and talk to your Housekeeper. Select the “Claim Bonuses” option and the items will appear in your Equipment Box.

Those who purchased the Monster Hunter World Digital Deluxe edition will receive their items automatically, while the Collector’s edition includes a download code for its bonus content. If you missed out on either but would still like to get your hands on their bonuses, you can purchase the Deluxe Kit, which contains the same items as the Deluxe edition (excluding its Weapon avatars), from your console’s respective digital store and follow the above process to claim them.

Those who participated in the PS4-exclusive Monster Hunter World beta tests and completed each mission can also claim a special Camouflage Face Paint and Commendations Packs as a reward. To receive the items, launch Monster Hunter World with the same PSN ID you used during the beta, then speak to the Housekeeper and claim your bonuses. The Commendations Packs will be added to your Item Box, while the Camouflage Face Paint will appear as a new option in the Change Appearance menu in your Equipment Box. Additionally, PS4 players will need to install the day-one update to take on the exclusive quest to get Horizon Zero Dawn DLC armor.

You can read more about the title in our Monster Hunter World review. Even if you’re new to the action-RPG series, we explain why Monster Hunter World is a great starting place for newcomers. We’ve also put together a Monster Hunter World beginner’s guide to help ease you into the title. Monster Hunter World is also in development for PC, though that version won’t be released until this fall.

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