This Xbox One X Deal Includes Monster Hunter World For Free

The new entry in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter World, has arrived on Xbox One and PS4, with a PC release still to come. Being made for more powerful hardware–as opposed to 3DS, like recent entries in the series–has allowed it to be bigger and better-looking than previous Monster Hunters. That’s especially true when playing on the upgraded versions of the two consoles, and right now, you can pick one up in a nicely discounted bundle. [Update: Another Xbox One X deal has popped up, this one not tied to any specific game.]

Aside from the separate PS4 Pro bundle that gets you Monster Hunter World and Titanfall 2 for free, Newegg has a deal on the Xbox One X. On its website (via Wario64), the retailer is selling the system for its regular price of $500 but with a free copy of Monster Hunter World tossed in. Given the game launched just a few days ago and is priced at $60 on its own, that’s a nice incentive to pick one up.

The system and game are new and unused, although shipping is not free. This offer is available from now through Thursday, February 1 (unless it sells out before then). If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, there is also the aforementioned PS4 Pro deal that sells for $100 less. On either that system or Xbox One X, you’ll be able to leverage the additional horsepower to improve the experience. A setting allows you to prioritize framerate, resolution, or other visual effects, which you can’t do on a standard PS4 or Xbox One.

Monster Hunter World is a great place to start for series newcomers, and a very good RPG. We scored the game an 8/10 in our Monster Hunter World review, which calls it a “meaningful evolution for the series at large.”

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