Rainbow Six Siege To Receive PS4 Pro, Xbox One X Updates At Some Point

Ubisoft says it plans to add PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support to Rainbow Six Siege–it just doesn’t know when. Responding to a fan on Twitter, the company said support for the two upgraded consoles “is definitely on our road map” for future updates, but that it does “not have an ETA.”

Ubisoft did not indicate what any PS4 Pro/Xbox One X patch would include, but such updates typically include 4K or HDR support, among other features. Understandably however, the developer is likely busy with many more Siege updates. Year 3’s first Season of content is on its way, bringing two new characters and a new co-op event called Outbreak. The game’s mid-season reinforcements patch also dropped this week, introducing a variety of buffs and nerfs to individual Operators.

As detailed earlier this month, patch 4.2 primarily deals with balance changes. Concussion effects are being reduced, and they’ll no longer disable sprinting, a change that impacts both Ela and Zofia. Ela also takes a hit to SMG’s magazine size, which drops from 50 to 40 bullets. Ash also sees a nerf to the damage done by her R4-C rifle, while Twitch’s Shock Drone ammo drops significantly, from 15 to five. Additionally, Bandit gets one fewer barbed wire to deploy.

In terms of buffs, Lesion’s Gu mines will now refill more quickly, and Capitao’s Para-308 sees a damage boost. Pray for Lord Tachanka.

With Year 3 of DLC nearly upon us, Ubisoft has decided to change the editions of Siege available to buy. The Starter edition is remaining unchanged, but the Standard edition is disappearing, seemingly to be replaced by a new, more expensive version called the Advanced edition. The Advanced edition is $20 more than the Standard one in the US, though it does include 600 R6 Credits and 10 Outbreak Packs–loot boxes that contain cosmetic items. It’s unclear if this will now be the cheapest way to buy Siege on consoles; we’ve contacted Ubisoft for clarification.

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