Monster Hunter World Beginner’s Guide: How To Get Started On PS4 And Xbox One

Monster Hunter has always been an intimidating series to dive into. Although the community surrounding it is quite friendly and helpful, the games themselves often lack the kind of assistance that a newcomer requires to fully grasp what’s going on. Monster Hunter World makes strides in that direction, but going in with an idea of what to expect will make the entire experience much easier to deal with.

In the video above, we run through some beginner’s tips that will help you to get started, whether you’re a newcomer to the series or a lapsed played who’s forgotten some of the essentials. Although every weapon is viable, some are friendlier to those just getting acquainted with the series. And something like pre-hunt preparation, while not the sexiest-sounding activity in the world, is essential to excelling at the game. We also have a text-based Monster Hunter World beginner’s guide that will walk you through all the key information you should have before playing.

As noted above, World does a better job of welcoming in new players than past titles, but that’s not its only improvement. It also features much larger and more beautiful environments, thanks to being built for current-gen consoles and PC (the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X experience is particularly nice). There are also smaller quality-of-life improvements that are extremely welcome, such as the addition of scoutflies, which make the process of locating and tracking your target much easier.

You can read all about the game in our Monster Hunter World review. The game is out now on PS4 and Xbox One, with players on the former platform already able to get exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn-themed content. You can also check out World’s high-level armor and Palico gear.

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