Dragon Ball FighterZ Has Amazing Potential For Some Crazy Combo Attacks

While Dragon Ball FighterZ has only been out for a relatively short amount of time, that hasn’t stopped players from diving deep into the game’s mechanics to see how far they can push the roster of characters. While there’s still much to experiment with in regards to the systems in-game, DBFZ has already proven to be an incredibly rich fighting game that displays some incredibly stylized and dramatic moves that show off just how creative players can get.

In the video above, our resident fighting game expert Joey Yee put together a set of his best combination attacks using a variety of characters including Goku Black, Android 16, and the rambunctious fusion-character Gotenks. Featuring a number of cross-ups, along with smart uses of tag mechanics and well-timed super moves–this video gives you a taste of what sort of crazy combos you can pull together with the right team and the swiftness of your fingers.

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