Fortnite Will Offer Freebies To Players To Make Up For Recent Server Downtime Issues

Last week’s rollout of a new Fortnite update didn’t go as smoothly as planned, leading to an extended period of downtime across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Epic Games has apologized for the situation and now plans to offer players of both the Battle Royale and Save the World modes a freebie to make up for it.

On the Battle Royale side, players will receive 20 Battle Stars toward their Battle Pass progression. The Battle Pass can be purchased to unlock various rewards as you play the game, with the primary being new cosmetic items. Epic offers the ability to buy Battle Pass ranks, so this will save you either some real-world money or the playtime it would require to amass 20 Stars.

For Save the World, which remains in paid early access (unlike the openly free-to-play Battle Royale), Epic will give players 1,600 Seasonal Gold, which is normally earned by completing missions during events. It can be spent in the event store on things like heroes and schematics.

These freebies won’t be available immediately. Epic isn’t putting an exact date on their availability, saying only that it will come “sometime after” the upcoming 2.4.0 patch–which has been delayed–is released. The most recent updates primarily dealt with bug fixes, although the new Chug Jug item was added last week. Prior to that, Epic released a major update that revamped Fortnite’s map. And right now, you can try out Fortnite’s new limited-time sniper mode.

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