Monster Hunter World Guide: How To Capture Large Monsters

The name of the game in Monster Hunter is, obviously, hunting monsters. But whether you’re assigned to hunt down a particular creature or you happen upon one during an Expedition, you don’t necessarily have to kill it. Capturing monsters is often the best way to go, and in some cases it’s a mandatory aspect of a given quest. Monster Hunter World makes strides in welcoming in new players, but the process still might be unclear. Here’s exactly how to do it.

First, it’s important to note that not all monsters can be captured. Smaller monsters can’t be, though minor wildlife–ants, birds and rabbit-like creatures, and so on–can be easily snagged with the Capture Net (and some can then be freed in your living quarters). It’s the creatures known as Large Monsters that you’ll be able to properly capture, and doing so requires a few items.

In the video above, we run through the exact process. Essentially it boils down to a few steps: wear the monster’s health way down without killing it, deploy a trap (such as the Shock Trap or Pitfall Trap), and then tranquilize the monster after it gets stuck in the trap. The process of tranquilizing can be done with Tranq Bombs or Tranq ammo from ranged weapons; the effects from these last a short time, so it’s possible to capture a monster by trapping it after it’s been tranquilized.

If you enroll in a quest where you goal is to explicitly capture a monster, the item box will provide the necessary items for free, though you may want to come equipped with extras. However you do it, capturing a monster can net you more monster parts than killing it. It’s a more involved process, but the rewards can be worth the effort.

Monster Hunter World is now available on PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release coming later this year. For more tips, you can check out our Monster Hunter beginner’s guide, and to get an idea of what to expect, read our Monster Hunter World review.

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