Taipei Game Show 2018 in a Few Words and Lots of Pictures

While Taipei Game Show is a physically smaller show than E3 or Tokyo Game Show, its attendance – 350,000 punters and 2,400 trade visitors during the five days 25-29 January – is a reminder that gamers in the small but important market of Taiwan are hungry for new things to play.

Indeed, a 2015 Google report cited in The Taipei Times reports that 66 percent of the population play games for at least 30 minutes a day, with an almost even balance between male and female gamers. Mobile devices are ubiquitous in Taiwan, and 92 percent of gamers in the Google survey said they have played mobile games. Still, console games are a growing chunk of the market, and according to a recent NewZoo report, one-quarter of Taiwanese gamers are playing on all three platforms – PC, console and mobile. That means there are lots of hardcore gamers in Taiwan.

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