A New Map And Jason Have Been Added to Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th: The Game has had its fair share of tweaks and bugs, but developer¬†IllFonic’s latest update should go some way to smoothing things out by giving Jason a much needed – if modest – buff. A new map and a new Jason have also been added.

This week’s patch notes¬†cover the new content, that includes Jason Part 5 from the fifth movie, and the Pinehurst map. Jason Part 5 doesn’t have any level requirements, and both he and the new map will be available in multiplayer and offline with bots.

Jason Part 5 will also have access to three grab kills: Hedge Trimmer, Last Breath, and You’re So Vein. A new grab kill called Rugby Player has been added to the mix too, and you can unlock it at level 108 for 2500 CP.

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