Nintendo Switch Exclusive Kirby Game Features A Weirdly Buff King Dedede

The Nintendo Switch has gotten off to a resoundingly positive start, working its way up to being the fastest-selling console in the US, Europe, and Australia ever. 2017 was filled with AAA and indie titles for the console, but for 2018 Nintendo has been much more secretive about what software to expect. But one game we did get to check out recently is Kirby Star Allies.

Like previous Kirby games, the focus of Star Allies is the titular pink puff mascot who has the ability to swallow up enemies and absorb their powers. But Star Allies take the cooperative gameplay further than previous games through the use of special co-op abilities. In the gameplay clip above, you can watch us take on some four-player cooperative challenges and fight a weirdly buff King Dedede.

Kirby Star Allies is a Nintendo Switch exclusive that’s set to release on March 16 worldwide. And for more games on the way to the console, you can check out our complete list of 2018 Nintendo Switch exclusive in our feature here.

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