Two New PS4 Controller Colors Announced And They Look Very Nice

Sony is releasing a new pair of special edition DualShock 4 colors in the US and Europe soon. Beginning in March, PS4 owners will be able to pick up a DualShock 4 in Midnight Blue and Steel Black variants, though they won’t be available for very long.

Both the Midnight Blue and Steel Black controllers will be released in limited quantities. Midnight Blue is an entirely new color for the PS4 controller, while Steel Black was previously available in 2016; however, the upcoming controller sports a redesigned touchpad. You can see images of the two DualShock 4 controllers in the gallery below.

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The Midnight Blue and Steel Black controllers will be released in Europe on March 7, though pricing has not yet been revealed. Sony hasn’t announced an exact date for when they’ll arrive in the US, but the controllers will retail for $65 each and are available to pre-order now from various retailers. You can read more about them on PlayStation Blog.

In addition to the Midnight Blue and Steel Black controllers, Sony recently released a line of translucent DualShocks in the US and Europe, which are still available to purchase, though US residents can pick them up only at select retailers. The Crystal variant is exclusive to GameStop, Red Crystal is only available at Best Buy, and Blue Crystal can be found at Walmart. You can see images of the translucent controllers in our gallery. Hori also recently released a $30 mini PS4 controller.

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