What Makes Shadow Of The Colossus A Masterpiece?

Almost 13 years ago, Team Ico released its second title, Shadow of the Colossus. It would go on to win Game of the Year accolades, top “Best of PS2” lists, and cement itself as a masterpiece in the gaming landscape.

Next week, Team Ico’s classic will re-release from Bluepoint Games on PlayStation 4. Reviews have already published, praising the game’s updated textures, frame rate, and visual fidelity. It’s also said to maintain the spirit of the original PS2 release – the masterpiece that has remained relevant for almost 13 years.

In the video above, Mike Mahardy takes a deep dive into Shadow of the Colossus, discussing why it’s a masterpiece that has overshadowed numerous other modern releases, and continues to be an example of stellar game design, affecting artistry, and lasting influence.

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