Which Wasp Is Which in the Ant-Man Movies?

Marvel Comics fans may already be familiar with the Wasp, but this heroine is finally headlining her own MCU movie thanks to Ant-Man and the Wasp. No longer will Hope Van Dyne play second fiddle to a goofball like Scott Lang!

To help prepare you for this new Marvel movie, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about The Wasp’s comic book background and the difference between original Wasp Janet Van Dyne and her successor Hope Van Dyne.

Avengers don’t come with stronger bona fides than the Wasp. She was one of the five original founding members of the team, and she’s been a fairly consistent presence in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes ever since. Janet Van Dyne’s powers not only make her an asset in the field, but her years of experience also make her a role model to younger generations of heroes. And despite some fairly dark periods in her personal life and even a spell where the world believed her to be dead, Janet has never lost that heroic spark.

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