New Incredibles 2 Posters Tease Trailer

A new posters for The Incredibles 2 teases the imminent arrival of the sequel’s first full trailer.

Pixar has shared a set of new posters, all with a laundry theme. The first of the two new posters features the Parr family’s superhero costumes getting washed and almost ready for action. The poster is accompanied by the following caption: “Machine washable, darling. Hang-dry only. Ready-to-wear tomorrow.”

The second features Mr. Incredible ironing his suit and prepping for battle. Check out all three, including the one revealed yesterday, below.

The film’s first full trailer will debut soon, with the sequel hitting theaters on June 15. An earlier poster released a few days ago features the Parr family’s iconic costumes in a laundry basket ready to get washed. It seems the Incredibles are making progress with their long-awaited return — and a long overdo laundry day.

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