Opinion: Asmodee Has Become the Disney of Board Games

On February 9, 2018, board game publisher Mayfair Games closed its doors after 36 years. After the decision was made, Mayfair  reached out to another board game publisher, Asmodee, with the opportunity to purchase all of Mayfair’s titles as well as their subsidiaries Lookout Games and GmbH. Asmodee spent the money and now owns everything left of Mayfair. I say “left” because in 2016 Asmodee bought all english version rights to Mayfair’s biggest title, Settlers of Catan. Now, just 2 short years later, Mayfair is closing and Asmodee owns all the assets. As an isolated incident, this seems like an unfortunate series of events, but with context to Asmodee’s actions throughout recent years, this may be pointing towards a much more concerning issue.

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