Why The Incredibles Remains One of Pixar’s Best

As The Incredibles 2 hits theaters, we thought it was the perfect time to take a look once again at why we love the original Pixar film so much!

Many of the best superhero movies aren’t really great because they’re about beating up the bad guys and showing off cool powers. They’re great because of the human stories they tell through the super-powered set pieces and villainous plots.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is great because it’s a take on ‘70s paranoia spy thrillers wrapped up in the similar worries citizens have today of a nanny state. The Dark Knight is a masterstroke because of how it blurs the lines between right and wrong and the power of choices and their consequences. And The Incredibles is such an enduring Pixar classic — and incredible superhero film — for its very real look at the struggles of keeping a family together, parenthood, chasing our glory days, and what it means to truly be exceptional.

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