PS4 Game Sale: Lots Of PSN Deals From Now Until Feb. 27

PSN’s limited-time flash sale is now over, but a new batch of deals have taken its place in the US PlayStation Store. This week, PS4 and PS3 owners have a ton of discounts to choose from thanks to several sales that are going on now in the digital store, which offer some big savings, particularly if you’re a PS Plus subscriber.

First is the PS Plus Specials sale, which offers Plus subscribers exclusive discounts on a bunch of PSVR titles. Resident Evil 7 is $24, Doom VFR is $21, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is $42, Superhot VR is $18.74, Batman: Arkham VR is $12, Farpoint is $30, Driveclub VR is $6, Megaton Rainfall is $12, PlayStation VR Worlds is $6, PixelJunk VR Dead Hungry is $5, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin is $10, Rez Infinite is $15, RIGS is $15, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is $25, Super Stardust Ultra VR is $6, Thumper is $6, Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle is $18, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is $6, and Trackmania Turbo is $12.

On top of those deals, a big range of EA games are also on sale this week, with an additional percentage off many of them for Plus members. PS4 owners can pick up Madden NFL 18 for $18 ($24 without PS Plus), FIFA 18 for $19.79 ($36), NBA Live 18: The One Edition for $4.49 ($12), Battlefield 1 Revolution for $19.79 ($30), Star Wars Battlefront II for $24 ($42), Dragon Age: Inquisition – Game of the Year Edition for $10 ($16), Mass Effect: Andromeda for $9.89 ($18), Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition for $10 ($20), Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for $5 ($10), Need for Speed Payback for $24 ($36), and Unravel for $5 ($8).

The EA sale also encompasses a number of PS3 games, which likewise offer an additional percentage off for Plus subscribers. Mass Effect Trilogy is $9.89 ($18), Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II are $5 ($8) each, Dead Space: Ultimate Edition is $6.24 ($10), Dead Space 2 and 3: Ultimate Editions are $7.49 ($12) each, Mirror’s Edge is $3.74 ($7.49), Battlefield 4 Premium Edition is $15 ($30), Battlefield: Hardline Ultimate Edition is $17.49 ($35), Need for Speed Rivals is $5 ($10), and FIFA 18 Legacy Edition is $19.79 ($36).

In addition to the EA and PS Plus Specials sales, PS4 and PS3 owners can find deals on the Far Cry series, with all players receiving the same discount, regardless of whether or not you have a Plus subscription. On the newer console, the standard edition of Far Cry 4 is $12, while the standard version of Far Cry Primal is $15. Players can also pick up both together in a bundle for $21. On PS3, Far Cry 4 is $9, Far Cry 3 is $6, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is $4.49, Far Cry 2 is $6, and Far Cry Classic is $3.

Vita owners only have two new discounts to choose from this week. Ethan: Meteor Hunter is $2.49 ($3.49 without PS Plus), while Xenon Valkyrie+ is $9. You can find all of the games currently on sale on the PlayStation Store website. Most of the aforementioned deals are only available until 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET on February 27, giving you a week to take advantage of any discounts you might be interested in.

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