Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Is Live On Test Server Alongside New Chimera Operators

Rainbow Six Siege fans who are eager to try out the game’s upcoming limited time co-op mode, Outbreak, can now do so, provided they own the game on PC. Following the launch of the new Chimera Operators on the technical test server, another update has arrived that introduces Outbreak.

Ahead of the big update’s launch in early March, which kicks off Year 3 of Siege, all of its major content is now available to try out on the TTS. That includes both of the new Operators (Lion and Finka) and the Outbreak mode, which is quite unlike anything else in Siege. It’s a three-player mode in which you fight off waves of zombies using select Operators. You can get a glimpse of all this in the video above.

A wave of other changes are also coming to the game, as outlined in the Chimera patch notes. Several Operators are being changed, including a nerf to Ela and some tweaks to Kapkan. Blitz has also been changed to have less armor but be quicker. However, a bug on the TTS is currently causing him to move much too quickly with his shield deployed. Ubisoft is aware of the problem and is in the process of releasing a fix.

As outlined by Ubisoft in Siege’s TTS Reddit page, there are a number of known issues to be aware of if you’re planning to dive in. The bomb defuser can’t be disarmed if a shield falls on it, and players can fire straight immediately after canceling a gadget deploy, even before the gun is in their hands. On the Outbreak side, you might not be properly teleported on Resort after vaulting during the countdown, and you’ll sometimes be mistakenly presented with the Outbreak loadout in the Operator’s screen.

The Chimera update launches for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 6. That includes the launch of the Outbreak event, which will be playable until April 3.

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