How Ubisoft Is Innovating by Exploring Beyond Gaming

Though Ubisoft’s worldwide studios work themselves to craft new technology and push the possibilities of their games, a relatively new facet of the company is looking beyond gaming to innovate within the industry.

Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab is a collective within Ubisoft studying and analyzing trends in how the world interacts with technology and its rapid changes to then find ways of applying them to Ubisoft as a whole.¬†Lidwine Sauer,¬†Director of Insights and Trends for the lab, spoke with IGN ahead of her DICE 2018 speech to explain the lab’s focuses going forward.

Having already spoken at DICE Europe, Sauer has explored the lab’s work in fields like artificial intelligence and implementations of it in Ubisoft products. Sauer cited last year’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew as an example of AI’s voice command capabilities, as well as the recent introduction of Sam, Ubisoft’s personal gaming assistant interface introduced into beta in the Ubisoft Club app.

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