Does Black Panther 2 Need a Female Villain?

Please be aware of spoilers ahead for both the Black Panther movie and comics.

As we meander through the universe of Black Panther and yearn to learn more about Wakanda and its lore, it’s time we visit more of the villains and antagonists that T’Challa has had to face. In the film, T’Challa dealt with resistance from a few characters — Erik Killmonger (the main villain), Klaue (the supporting villain) and M’Baku who’s not really a villain per se, but a figure of discord in the film. (M’Baku’s role in the comics, however, was more diabolical.) Then we have our heroes, T’Challa of course along with a ton of female characters! From Shuri to Nakia to General Okoye and her legion of royal protectors whom she commands known as the Dora Milaje, this film has set new heights when it comes to women being represented as centered characters in a superhero film.

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