Blizzard Made Overwatch’s Zenyatta Walk, And It’s As Weird As You’d Expect

One of the many challenges with creating a hero shooter like Overwatch is ensuring that each character is distinct and unique. Blizzard has done an admirable job in this regard, drawing on different cultures and inspirations to create the members of the roster. Zenyatta is particularly notable in this regard, as he’s the only character to never set foot on the ground. Thanks to Blizzard, he’s finally done so, and it’s unsettling, to say to the least.

Zenyatta is different from all other Overwatch characters in that he floats in a zen-like position in mid-air; he never physically walks anywhere. A fan in attendance at a recent Overwatch League event brought with him a sign that called for Blizzard to finally let him walk, and so the company has obliged, as you can see below.

Now that you’ve got that image stuck in your brain forever, there is potentially more meaningful news on the Overwatch front. Blizzard has released a teaser in the form of an “after-action report” for something called Operation White Dome. It remains to be seen what this will actually turn out to be, but the speculation is that it could be setting up the reveal for a new Overwatch character. Game director Jeff Kaplan previously said that the game’s next hero was already in testing back in January. He didn’t offer any specifics but did say the character is “very needed.”

We’re currently in the midst of the game’s new Lunar New Year event. That brought back a revamped CTF mode and introduced a lot of new Year of the Dog skins and cosmetics that you can still get your hands on for a limited time.

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