Ghostly Pharaohs Are Coming For You In Assassin’s Creed Origins’ New DLC

From the moment you step into the brand new area Thebes, in the upcoming DLC pack for Assassin’s Creed: Origins, you’re in familiar territory. Whether its town folk needing Bayak’s help to complete random tasks, or angry hippos trying to murder you, this new area is packed full of the standard Assassin’s Creed: Origins features we’ve come to know and love.

It’s not until Pharaohs start returning from their graves, floating boats sail past you in an open field, and you face off against a scorpion that is way bigger than scorpions probably should be, that you start to think to yourself, “There might be something weird going on here…”

The DLC begins with Bayak being pestered by one of the local townsfolk, what else is new? Then the ground starts getting really sparkly and from nowhere, a shadow of a dead pharaoh springs to life in the town’s square and makes quick work of the local militia. Skip forward a bit, and you learn that Bayak is in search of an artifact, which just so happens to be the same artifact causing all these dead, ethereal pharaohs to rise from their graves.

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