Far Cry 5’s Vehicles of Mayhem – IGN First

All February long we’ve been diving deep into every facet of Far Cry 5. Today, the development team at Ubisoft Montreal explains how vehicles play a huge role in the next entry of the series, and gives you a sneak peek at some of the more… explosive ones.

Whether by land, water, or air, there’s no shortage of ways to get from one point to another. So kick back and check out some of the many vehicles of mayhem in Hope County, Montana.

Our IGN First game for February is none other thanĀ Far Cry 5, the highly anticipated open-world chaos shooter, developed by the Far Cry 3 team. As you may already know, this Far Cry is set in Montana, where a small-town cult clashes with the law and you’re thrust straight into the middle of the action.

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