New Overwatch Tease May Show Off Next Hero’s Weapon

Blizzard continues to share tidbits related to Overwatch. Speculation surrounding the first of these teases pointed to all of this leading to the reveal of the game’s next hero; if that’s the case, the newest teaser image may give us a glimpse at the tools he or she will have at their disposal.

On the official Overwatch Twitter account, the quote “I’ll knock some sense into you!” was published–complete with quotations marks–along with the image below. It shows the schematics for some kind of tool named Slaga v3.0. It looks as if it may be some kind of pickaxe that converts into a hammer not unlike Reinhardt’s.

There are various other details hidden in there, like some (possibly Swedish) text about different materials on a tablet-like device in the bottom right, that fans will undoubtedly attempt to dig into. Perhaps more notably, the bottom of the image shows a mouse toy and what looks like a cat’s paw swiping at it from just out of frame. It could be nothing or just a small glimpse of a backstory where someone (perhaps Tobjorn or his daughter, Brigitte) owns a cat, but it’s hard not to think of the so-called Jetpack Cat, a character Blizzard recently considered for inclusion in the game but ultimately decided was too extreme.

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This tease follows one that consisted of an “after-action” report for something called Operation White Dome. It describes an incident involving Torbjörn, Reinhardt, and someone named Private First Class Emre Sariogulu. Subsequently, we got to see a letter Torbjörn wrote to his wife. How this latest piece of the puzzle fits together with those remains to be seen, but it presumably won’t be the last, assuming this is all leading to some kind of announcement. As shared on Reddit, some fans believe the aforementioned Brigitte is the new character.

Blizzard previously stated that it is already playtesting a new Overwatch hero, though it has shared no details about it. Game director Jeff Kaplan did, however, say that the character is “very needed.”

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