Former BioShock, Dishonored Devs Announce New Game

The Blackout Club is a cooperative horror game from Question, a studio built by industry veterans whose work includes BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite, and Dishonored.

The game follows a group of teens in a small town who “band together after learning they’ve all been temporarily losing consciousness.” None of the adult members of the community will speak to the kids about the incidents, including the disappearance of one of their close friends. Instead, the group launches its own investigation.

What they discover is “a hostile underworld” beneath their town, “populated by a clandestine group of adults.”

Characters are customizable, each “with a variety of powers and equipment loadouts.” Group members each have their own roles to play in gathering evidence to prove the crimes of the adults, including deploying drones and traps.

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