Overwatch’s Moira Receives An Excellent Tweak In New PTR Patch

Since Moira was added to Overwatch in November, she’s proven to be a relatively unique character. She’s a fantastic healer, but she also functions as a hybrid, of sorts, capable of dealing significant damage to enemies. However, Moira can’t constantly heal like Mercy and Zenyatta can–meaning she will run out of healing for short times during matches. Recently, Blizzard added a welcome tweak to the Overwatch Public Test Realm that communicates Moira’s limitation better to other players.

Added in the latest PTR patch are two new lines that Moira speaks when she’s out of healing power. When she runs out, she now shouts “Not ready!” or “I need to recharge.” You can see the lines in action in the video below, courtesy of Reddit user Owlero.

This is a small but much-appreciated change, as it’ll allow for better teammate communication when not voice chatting and will prevent other players from wasting time asking for a heal.

The new PTR update is available now on PC, and it includes various UI, character, and map changes as well as Moira’s new lines. For instance, Blizzard has boosted the transparency on Moira’s moves, especially her ultimate move Coalescence, which was causing issues due to its blinding effect. D.Va’s micro missiles, meanwhile, have had their explosive damage reduced. You can see the full list of changes on Blizzard’s forum.

The PTR patch is just in testing right now, but it’ll likely be rolled out to everyone on PC in the next few weeks. In other Overwatch news, the new Support character Birgitte was added last week alongside a patch that nerfs Sombra.

[News via dbltap]

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