Sea of Thieves’ First ‘Pirate Legend’ Speaks Out About Claims of ‘Boosting’

Update: Prod1gyX spoke to Polygon about his experience playing Sea of Thieves, explaining that he believes much of the ire came from people who jumped into his streaming late in the game, rather than watching from the beginning.

“I can tell a lot of people didn’t watch from the beginning, which is understandable. But you can’t say that I wasn’t playing it right from the very beginning of the game,” he told Polygon.

According to Prod1gyX, he has been more concerned with pleasing his built-in community of viewers than the community at large, as he mentioned to Polygon he was not bitter about the reception of another Pirate Legend streamer, SniperNamedG.He also pointed to stats on Reddit, that indicate he “boosted” his play alongside other players only about a quarter of the time.

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