Black Panther Passes Jurassic World at Domestic Box Office

Black Panther has hit another major box office milestone.

Box office estimates note the MCU film has passed 2015’s Jurassic World ($652.3 million) at the domestic box office. It’s now the fourth highest-grossing movie of all time in the U.S with an estimated $652.5 million domestic total so far after Monday’s haul.

Black Panther has also now passed 2013’s Frozen ($1.276 billion) at the worldwide box office, grossing $1.279 billion to date, becoming one of the top ten grossing movies globally. Internationally, the Marvel film has made $626.7 million, which makes it the top-grossing superhero movie featuring a solo superhero.

Since it was released in February, Black Panther has been breaking all sorts of records. It has the second-largest second weekend ever at the domestic box office, the highest-grossing Tuesday in MCU history, and recently passed The Avengers’ $623.4 million domestic haul.

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