Original X-Men May (Finally) Be Going Back In Time

Marvel Comics released a teaser for Extermination, a story featuring the X-Men Blue team by writer Ed Brisson and artist Pepe Larraz. The text “Exterminate the past. Eliminate the future.” at the bottom certainly sounds foreboding, and given that the image shows the team’s original and current looks, we’re taking a wild guess that this story will be the last chapter in their time-travel story.

Back in 2012, the comic series All-New X-Men saw Beast bring the five original X-Men – Jean Grey, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, and Beast – to the present so they could help fix the future. These time doppelgangers have been a part of the Marvel Universe ever since and some of them have gone on adventures with other superhero teams or even starred in their own solo series, like Cyclops and Jean Grey. Not that it’s unusual for time-displaced characters like Cable and Rachel Grey to stick around for good, but it was always assumed these young X-Men would eventually go back to their original place in the timeline, and Extermination just might be their ticket home.

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