Overwatch Comic Sets Up Newest PvE Mode

Update: Looks like our guess was right, as Blizzard has officially released a trailer for the new Retribution PvE mode. It will take place on a new map set in Venice and have Genji, Moira, McCree, and Reaper as playable characters. You can watch the full trailer here:

Original Story:

A new Overwatch comic starring Reaper, in conjunction with a tease during a Developer Update video, makes it seem likely that we’ll soon get a new PvE mode called Retribution staring Reaper, Genji, McCree, and Moira.

On Monday, Blizzard revealed that not only would last year’s Uprising event return, but they would be exploring more stories from Overwatch’s past in a similar way with what they call the Overwatch Archives. Game Director Jeff Kaplan said more details would be coming in a video during the Overwatch League tonight, but signed off by saying “we hope that you’re ready for the retribution.”

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