PUBG Adds Respawns In New War Mode On PC

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has very quietly added a new mode called War on PC. The new mode–which is essentially Team Deathmatch–adds respawns, a mechanic not seen in PUBG’s standard battle royale mode.

Players are condensed into a small, static area on Erangel, meaning lives don’t last long. The selection of weapons and gear depends on the settings picked by the game’s host, so you could spawn with any number of items. War mode is available now but only as a custom game, meaning only PUBG Partners can start and host matches–though anyone can join an already-created session.

The mode was not announced by developer PUBG Corp. or publisher Bluehole, with no mention of it anywhere on social media or on the game’s forums. It’s therefore unclear how long War will be available for. It could be a timed mode, similar to the game’s other new way of playing, Tequila Sunrise, which went live just recently and features close quarters, shotgun-based combat.

In other PUBG news, a new patch has just been released for the game, bringing with it bug fixes and the new Killer Spectate mode that allows you to watch the player who killed you during the rest of the match. If your killer dies too, you’ll be able to continue watching the player who killed them. Meanwhile, PUBG’s upcoming map, currently in the testing phase, now supports players who want to play as Squads on Codename: Savage. This is limited to PUBG’s experimental test server. You still need a beta key to access the map, and you can sign up to receive one the PUBG website.

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