Conan Exiles: Watch Us Resist A Castle Siege With Help From Giant Demi-Gods

Conan Exiles has been playable for some time through Early Access on PC and the Game Preview program on Xbox One, but its full launch is rapidly approaching. The open-world action game has a bunch of supernatural creatures as well as various mechanics, such as castle-building.

Recently, we were able to check out Conan Exiles’ pre-launch build and see some of its more complex systems. In the video above, you can see gameplay from a castle siege and the scale of combat that you can expect.

Specifically, the video shows off the GameSpot team defending its fortress from enemy players with the help of enormous demi-gods. In the full game, you can also lay siege to cities yourself, utilizing an array of different siege engines. These are pretty high-level, late-game mechanics, however; Conan Exiles’ gameplay initially focuses on survival, combat, and crafting.

Conan Exiles fully launches on May 8 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC; it’ll be the first time the game is available to PS4 players. It’ll cost $30 on PC and $50 on consoles. If you pre-order Conan Exiles, you’ll get the Conan’s Royal Armor when the game is released.

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