Rocket League WWE Items Coming During Wrestlemania 34

When developer Psyonix announced a partnership with WWE a few months ago, it mentioned that wrestling-themed items would be coming to Rocket League. Now, we know what those items are, when they’ll be available, and how you can get ahold of them.

There’ll be 11 WWE items in total coming to the game this week, although you won’t be able to get all of them right away. On Sunday, April 8, during Wrestlemania 34, Psyonix will release a special code that’ll unlock two random items from the group of 5 banners, 5 flags, and a set of wheels.

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The studio also promises that more items will be added later on, and it’ll release more codes in conjunction with other WWE events throughout the year. All the WWE items are tradeable, as well. You can see the WWE-themed cosmetics in the gallery above.

This set is the latest in a line of tie-in cosmetic items that Psyonix has released over the past few years; the DC Comics pack was the most recent DLC to be added. It includes a bunch of banners and decals as well as two cool-looking Batmobiles.

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