WWE Wrestlemania 34 Results: The Usos Vs. The New Day Vs. The Bludgeon Brothers Highlights

At WWE’s Wrestlemania 34, every major title was on the line over the course of the event. And if you watch most of WWE’s programming, you know that’s a whole lot of title matches. Smackdown’s tag team division was among those to have center stage during the company’s premiere PPV, building on the long New Day/Usos rivalry, while adding a wild card: The Bludgeon Brothers.

The Usos and New Day have had a long-standing rivalry on Smackdown over the past year. The titles have been passed back and forth, and the teams have put on some of the best tag matches in the company. However, this rivalry has really dominated the Tuesday night show’s tag division, so there hasn’t been any room for a new challenger, until now.

Former Wyatt Family members Luke Harper and Erick Rowan joined forces to form The Bludgeon Brothers. The duo made a name for themselves by showing up at the Fastlane PPV during a tag team title defense between The Usos and New Day and decimating the competitors, leaving Xavier Woods to be carried out on a stretcher. At Wrestlemania, The Usos and New Day had a chance at revenge in this triple-threat tag match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship. Here’s how things played out.

  • The New Day come out with a crowd of little people dressed as pancakes. It’s up there with their big cereal box of Booty-O’s in terms of memorable entrances. Luke Harper has a mask now! Rowan still has his old sheep mask. The sheep mask is more over than him at this point.
  • The Bludgeon Brothers add an old school, Road Warriors/Bruiser Brody level of stiffness to their matches. They obliterate The New Day and then turn their attention to the Usos, who put up much more of a fight.
  • There was about to be an incredible spot, where Big E. was going to powerbomb both Usos while they performed a double suplex on Luke Harper. But then Erik Rowan crashed into Big E and ruined everything.
  • The Bludgeon Brothers, Harper and Rowan, won and celebrated with the Smackdown Tag Team Championship belts. It was sort of anticlimactic, with no major high spots. A solid match, but that’s all it was–a clinical beatdown followed by a pinfall.

Although the ins-and-outs of the match may not have been terribly exciting, there were some surprised littered through the show, as you can read about in the full results. We got a surprisingly good match from Ronda Rousey and no shortage of looks at John Cena in the crowd. You can catch a full replay on the WWE Network.

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