The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Return Was Awesome…But Now He Needs to Retire for Real

A bit of business up front: If you haven’t already, check out my full WrestleMania 34 live blog, results, and reaction piece-o-rama right here!

For people looking for more of an overall review statement, I thought ‘Mania 34 was quite amazing. One of the most entertaining ‘Manias in a while. I have severely mixed feelings about Asuka losing, but I’d much prefer it this way than her losing to Rousey. Or

Carmella, which I wouldn’t put past them. The fact that it was a stellar match, maybe the best of the night, helped a great deal.

But I’m not here to mark out over Asuka though. I’m here to prattle off some feelings about the Undertaker’s big return. Back in the first week of January, I wrote about why I felt Undertaker vs. Cena needed to happen. I needed closure. I wanted to have us all know, ahead of time, that we’d be seeing the Deadman’s final appearance. He couldn’t just lose to Roman and then hang up, or neatly set down, his garb and surprise us with a final bow.

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