Did You Catch These Chilling Clues About A Quiet Place’s Monsters?

Spoiler warning: This story contains plot details for A Quiet Place.

John Krasinski’s taut new horror film, A Quiet Place, uses sound – or the lack of it – in continually inventive ways, and that’s especially true of its monsters. The deadly creatures are rarely seen but often heard throughout the film’s run, signaling their presence with unnerving clicks and unearthly screeches as they stalk any hapless humans who dare to make a sound in this post-apocalyptic landscape.

While we get hints about the creatures’ origins in the film thanks to vague newspaper headlines and news clips that mention an “invasion” and a meteor, we asked Krasinski to confirm speculation that the monsters are aliens after the film’s South By Southwest premiere, rather than something man-made or interdimensional. “They are, for sure. They are from another place – 

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