Marrowbone is an Overly-Manipulative Shell Game

This is a (relatively) spoiler-free review for Marrowbone, which hits theaters  and VOD onApril 13th. 

Layering twist upon twist, in a way that makes you realize there’s not much skin on these (Marrow)bones, Magnolia Pictures’ new creepfest – starring George MacKay, Split’s Anya Taylor-Joy, and Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton – never figures out, despite incessant fumbling, what type of story it wants to tell.

Marrowbone, which takes place in 1969 and centers on a glum, paranoid set of young siblings hiding from their dark past, has a few sinister seeds of stark shock that could have landed well if the film weren’t so dead-set on manipulating the viewer so forcefully in order to dump an avalanche of twists on our laps during the final ten minutes.

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