God Of War On PS4: How Does Combat Work?

A lot has changed since Kratos’ days in Greece, but monsters still need killing. God of War releases on PS4 in a few days, so we decided to walk you through the fundamentals of the game’s new axe-swinging combat.

If you’ve watched any number of trailers or previews over the past several years, you probably know the new God of War swaps the singular camera angles of its predecessors for a more fluid over-the-shoulder perspective. While it may seem as if this limits your combat opportunities, it actually provides a novel combat system. Similar to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, God of War translates your point-of-view into an up-close-and-personal school of gameplay.

In the video above, reviews editor Peter Brown and video producer Mike Mahardy guide you through the basics of God of War’s combat on PS4. They also show a few unlockable skills for Kratos’ axe, shield, and magic attacks, as well as the archery of his son Atreus.

For more on God of War on PS4, read Pete’s full review here. For deeper dives into the world, lore, skill trees, and inspirations behind the series reboot, stay tuned to GameSpot as we approach the game’s April 20 release.

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