Incredibles 2 Poster Teases New Supers; A Trailer Comes Tomorrow

A new poster for the upcoming Incredibles 2 has arrived, and it’s loaded with hints about the new movie–including a bunch of new characters. What’s more, the poster precedes a new trailer for the Pixar film, which will release tomorrow (April 13).

The poster, which you can see below, features the first movie’s superheroes springing into action, plus baby Jack-Jack using his superpowers to make life miserable for a raccoon. Additionally, a new villain looms over the movie’s logo. What’s most interesting is the characters hiding in the background, though.

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If you look behind the Incredibles, Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) and Edna, a new group of supers can be seen standing in front of an explosion. The names of these characters have not been revealed, but they certainly look like an interesting team of heroes in their own right.

What role they’ll play in the movie is a mystery, but it’s exciting to see that Pixar is expanding this universe of superheroes. After all, more heroes could mean more story possibilities.

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Hopefully, when the new trailer arrives, it’ll offer some clues about these new supers and the villain causing so much trouble. Incredibles 2 hits theaters on June 15.

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