TERA Godsfall Exclusive Codes Giveaway

In honor of TERA’s upcoming Godsfall update, We’re giving away 10,000 single-use codes to redeem in-game items. These are an instant win. Scroll down to enter below.

Each code will give you:

  • 7 Days of Elite Status Game Time – perks include:
    • Elite Gift Box every day
    • Elite Consumables Box every day
    • 100% XP boost
    • 100% Questers and Gold Hunter boosts
    • Free Flying Mount
    • Always-on Complete Crystalbind
    • All perks listed here
  • Grand HYDRATH Smart Box permanent costume – This box contains a HYDRATH Uniform suitable for the race and gender of the character it is redeemed on. This costume is permanent and will not expire.
  • 40x Valkyon Health Potions – Recovers 50% of your characters HP.
  • 20x Strong Bravery Potions – Increases character attack speed, damage, and defense in the open world.
  • 1x (1-day) Shape Changer: Big Head – Temporarily increases the size of your characters head.

You can learn more about the upcoming Godsfall update releasing April 17 here: Free-To-Play MMO Tera Godsfall Update Adds New Apex Skills

Grab your free code below (Please allow up to 1 hour to receive an email):

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