Billy Mitchell Responds to Having Donkey Kong, Pac-Man Records Stripped

Billy Mitchell has responded to having his Donkey Kong and Pac-Man records stripped, saying he’ll prove that “everything was done professionally.”

While speaking at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mitchell told Old School Gamer Magazine he will show he followed the rules to achieve his records. Mitchell promises “everything will be transparent” and will provide “witnesses” and “documents” to defend his Donkey Kong high scores and perfect Pac-Man run.

Twin Galaxies recently stripped Mitchel of his titles in the wake of a dispute asserting he used an emulator and not the original arcade cabinets in games like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong Jr., which is strictly against the rules. Guinness World Records then quickly followed up by removing Mitchell’s world records, which includes the Donkey Kong high scores and perfect Pac-Man run.

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