Elder Scrolls Online’s Summerset Expansion Makes ESO Feel Fresh Again

If The Elder Scrolls Online’s previous expansion, Morrowind, could be summed up in a single word it’d be “nostalgia.” The island of Vvardenfell was realized in gorgeous HD for the first time, almost exactly 15 years after The Elder Scrolls III first launched.

Now with its latest expansion, Summerset, ESO is taking a decidedly different approach when it releases on May 21st for PC and June 5th for Xbox One and PS4 by letting players visit the beautiful region of the high elves, the Summerset Isles, for the first time – well, unless you count its brief appearance in 1994’s The Elder Scrolls: Arena. So if Morrowind was all about nostalgia, Summerset is all about breathing new life into the now four-year-old MMORPG.

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