New Spider-Man PS4 Game’s Iron Spider Suit Revealed

Spider-Man has been known to change his outfit from time to time, and a set of new trailers for Spider-Man PS4 teases some wardrobe options for pre-ordering. The first trailer (above) teases the Iron Spider suit, inspired by the one Peter Parker dons in this weekend’s every-hero-and-the-kitchen-sink team-up Avengers: Infinity War.

The second trailer doesn’t shed a lot of new light on Spidey’s closet but gives a closer look at the Spider-Punk suit teased when the pre-order bonus and Collector’s Editions were announced. At that point, the bonuses included the Spider-Punk suit and two mystery suits. Iron Spider is apparently one of them, with one more to be revealed. The pre-order bonus trailer states that the third will be unveiled in July.

Notably this is only promised as “instant in-game access” to the Iron Spider suit, not an exclusive look for Parker. Insomniac has promised no microtransactions in the game and explained that the in-game progression will naturally let you unlock new skills and suits. Spider-Man certainly has a wide array to choose from in his history.

Spider-Man is coming on September 7, and it will likely be a big part of PlayStation’s E3 presentation this year. Check out what we hope to see from the wall-crawler while we wait for more details.

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