CinemaScores: What Audiences Think of the MCU, From Iron Man to Captain Marvel

UPDATED, MARCH 9, 2019: As Captain Marvel becomes the latest epic blockbuster to line Disney’s coffers, let’s take a look back at how every MCU movie has fared in the CinemaScore department and how those scores compare to their critical reception and box office gross.

Generally, a high CinemaScore rating — the survey of what actual audiences thought of a film — is a pretty good indicator that a movie will do well at the box office.

Is it any wonder then that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is such a huge moneymaker when these films almost always score at least an “A-” with moviegoers?

So how did Captain Marvel, the 21st entry in the MCU, fare with audiences polled by CinemaScore? Find out in the slideshow below!

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