Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Might Bring Back Pick 10 To Multiplayer

Beyond a name and an earlier-than-usual release date, we don’t know much about 2018’s Call of Duty game as of yet. Black Ops 4 is the latest entry in Treyarch’s popular sub-series, and based on a new tease, it might be bringing back an aspect of multiplayer that many missed in Call of Duty: WWII.

The Pick 10 system, which provides players with a great deal of control over how they create their class in multiplayer, was missing from last year’s Call of Duty game. Without stating anything explicitly, Treyarch posted the tweet below out of the blue, which says it gives a fan post “10/10” along with an image that resembles what you’d expect to see on a Pick 10 screen.

While far from definitive, Treyarch even relates the tweet to its upcoming game, as it mentions that the studio is excited to talk more about Black Ops 4 during May 17’s special event. These kinds of posts aren’t usually off-the-cuff remarks, so it seems fair to assume that Treyarch is sending some sort of message here.

Pick 10 first showed up in an earlier Treyarch game, Black Ops II, before being included in several subsequent releases. It provides players with 10 points to allocate between various loadout elements–you can take an extra grenade or weapon attachment, but at the cost of a gadget or perk, for instance. It proved popular thanks to the flexibility it allowed for, though WWII abandoned it in favor of a setup centered around more clearly defined classes.

Treyarch and Activision confirmed Black Ops 4 as 2018’s Call of Duty game back in March, but they’re waiting until the aforementioned event on May 17 to formally share any details. We do know its release date is scheduled for October 12, which is several weeks earlier than new Call of Duty games typically hit.

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